Face Volumizing Lotion


Face Volumizing Lotion


“Plastic Surgery in a Bottle.” This extraordinary skin solution tightens sagging skin to visibly lift as it smooths creases and wrinkles. The results are amazing and last between six to eight hours.
• Lifts and tightens skin instantly • Immediate results

Face Volumizing Lotion natural and powerful actives
Sarsapogenin and Macelignan derived from Anemarrhena
Asphodeloides roots and Nutmeg help compensate for
the loss of fat content, and revive the healthy appearance
of your hands thanks to their adipose (fat cell) stimulating
properties, which positivity influences your skin’s genetic
proclivity to generate fat cells.
Designed for topical application to the face and optimized
for comfort, this incredible formula delivers astonishing
actives in a moisturizing and skin nourishing lotion

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